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Goldenspoon, Frozen Yogurt

Bar None: Yogurt Bar Catering With a Twist!

Golden Spoon® Frozen Yogurt is ideal at Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate Events, School Assemblies, Holiday Celebrations and Birthday Parties.

Let’s say you’d like to have a healthy dessert to replace or enhance your cake at your wedding. Imagine an elegantly attired catering crew dishing anywhere up to 12 flavors of ice creamy rich soft-serve Golden Spoon® Frozen Yogurt with a vast selection of toppings. Your guests indulge themselves in any of the scrumptious flavors, mixing and match to their heart’s content!

It’s not a fantasy. The Golden Spoon® Frozen Yogurt stores Las Vegas and Henderson will cater weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, corporate events, school assemblies, holiday celebrations and birthday parties from Summerlin to Henderson and anywhere in between. Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt can be contracted directly to bring its unique Yogurt Bar to an event or be available to work under the direction of a party planner or event caterer, becoming seamless with the existing catering staff.

Golden Spoon has three options in terms of event and party service:

- Single Serving Style – Golden Spoon staff can create single serving cups of a specific yogurt “creation” for each guest, with the flavor or flavors and toppings selected in advance by the host.

- Yogurt Bar with Catering Staff – Golden Spoon staff can deliver and cater a full yogurt bar, personally serving each of the guests. Event hosts may select from among 50 total flavors (12 rotated daily) and 50 toppings to create a memorable and delectable experience for their attendees! The average Golden Spoon Yogurt Bar includes three flavors and half-dozen toppings but is customizable to meet the customer’s needs

- Yogurt Bar Self-Catered – Golden Spoon staff will deliver the yogurt and the toppings and then leave it to the hosting organization to either hand out servings or allow guests to create their own yogurt sundaes.

For more information or to book your Yogurt Bar, contact the local The Golden Spoon® Frozen Yogurt store in your area or call Seth Lenett at #702-987-4598