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Goldenspoon, Frozen Yogurt


Health Benefits

We are making getting your three glasses of milk a day fun!

You know that Golden Spoon® Frozen Yogurt tastes good, but did you know how good it is for you? Non-fat frozen yogurt like Golden Spoon® is recommended by many dieticians as a good way to get the newly-increased daily allowance of dairy products. It’s a good natural source of protein and calcium. In addition to these nutrients, yogurt adds the benefits of healthy digestive cultures, found by independent studies to have beneficial properties. Golden Spoon’s® process ensures that these live cultures are active and present in the final product. And dieters appreciate that Golden Spoon® yogurt is non-fat and very low in calories, so feel free to indulge!


*Live Culture (Probiotics)
*Non-Fat *Calcium *Protein

Golden Spoon® has taken the art of frozen yogurt making to a whole new level. An original pioneer of the Southern California frozen yogurt craze, we’ve continually refined our recipes and processes to develop the best frozen yogurt in the world! In fact, we’ve made yogurt taste so good, your kids will call it ice cream!
Our process starts out just like traditional yogurt. First, we take the freshest California Grade A skim milk. We add three live, active cultures that turn the milk into yogurt. Then the real magic begins… Golden Spoon® adds the finest flavorings according to our unique recipes, to give our yogurt the taste of premium ice cream. Next, we freeze the yogurt mixture in our soft-serve ice cream machines to create the creamy texture of ice cream. The result is a product that is so creamy, refreshing and tasty, you’ll think you’re eating premium ice cream! As our customers have discovered, Golden Spoon® bridges the gap between indulgent snacks and eating responsibly, making it a perfect fit with today’s healthier-eating lifestyles.